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Fill a spray bottle with water or solvent and find a clean, white hand-towel to use. If you are reusing a bottle that previously held a chemical, clean it out thoroughly to avoid any contamination that might affect your micro-suede fabric. The best things to clean micro-suede sofas with are pure water or solvent
*Spray the water or solvent liberally on the sofa. If you are cleaning the entire micro-suede couch, do approximately a 3-foot by 3-foot section at a time. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts on one area without having to soak your fabric repeatedly
*Wipe each wet area with a hand towel in a circular motion. Wipe until each couch section is clean. Use firm but even pressure. Doesn't worry if portions of your furniture look darker when wet; the fabric will dry evenly and return to the original color. Focus the majority of your efforts on the sections of your fabric contaminated by spills and other spots. Its best if you address stains immediately because they're easier to remove when fresh
*Let the sofa dry before sitting on it. fabric dries very quickly; your sofa will be ready for use in 15 to 20 minutes
  This compact sofa set can be used in a small space too, is its specialty, with it's exclusively design slant arms and strip design cover gives lavishly look to the cover of the living room.
Versatile Furniture motto is to keep our Clint happy and make them feel Comfortable.
‚óŹ No fabric warranty included.
Frame:- 5 years
foam :- sleepmax
32D - 5 years
40D - 10 years
50D - 15 years
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Available in a full range of Fabrics. 3 Seater 220cm wide x 93cm deep x 93cm height Seat Height 46cm 2.5 Seater 200cm wide x 93cm deep x 93cm height Seat Height 46cm 2 Seater 160cm wide x 93cm deep x 93cm height Seat Height 46cm Chair 100cm wide x 93cm deep x 93cm height Seat Height 46cm    
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